My Caregiver Journey

Whatever our life brings us, we must learn how to understand the difficulties that appear down the road. I'm Patricia. Today I'm working as a spiritual awakening coach and have my Instagram page @_unlockyourthoughts to help people. My husband had hepatitis C. Starting in 2008, he started to feel some symptoms, then things began to change. The only choice he had was just a transplant.

Waiting on the list

He was getting worse day by day. My two girls were in middle school at that time. It was tough to tell my kids about all this situation, but I did need to tell them something about it. I really tried to do my best, but by the time he got most critical, I could notice all of us getting hit emotionally. In 2012 my husband was feeling weak already. My mind was spinning, thinking about what I could do to make things better while everyone was telling me already to be prepared that he could die. All of us had emotional problems, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I'm a psychologist, and I felt terrible that I was not helping them the way I thought needed to.

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I participated in some hepatitis C groups and noticed that helping people helped me heal my emotional pain. Seeing my husband getting worse and knowing I couldn't do anything to get him better was the most challenging thing. Every time, he needed to go take the liquid out at the hospital because the ascites was terrifying for us. He got an infection once and then got worse. The hospital bills, the fundraisers I had to do, my home, my kids, my husband like this, I felt like a truck hit me, but I did need to be strong.

My husband is cured amidst personal struggle

I use to get inside the bathroom or go to drive to cry a lot, for none of them see it. I was putting all those feelings inside me, and unfortunately, all of us did it. The waiting list is the most terrifying moment for all families, knowing that the patient may don't make it. My husband got called from the hospital, July 6, 2013. He did the transplant, then he could do the treatment and got cured, and then I got sick. I went through a deep depression. I was ill all the time, just in 2018, I started to change my life, I did not sleep well all those years. One day I asked God to take me because I did feel I couldn't do anymore, after my meditation, suddenly everything changes. I got better, I start to go deep in my studies with the quantum cure and, today I'm helping people discover themselves and change their lives. I want you to know the challenges make us stronger if we have love, compassion, and faith, but we do need to trust ourselves. If you and your family are in this position is because you all can do it. Everything pass and we can recover.

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