Living with Hep C for 30 years

As my title reads, 30 years (or is it 35?) Of living with hep C has been no picnic…I had not been seen by a any doctor on any regular basis and kinda winged it on my own. That meant I was living on the edge of fear daily! When I contracted it, it was known as hepatitis non A non B, therefore I watched from the sidelines as the world of hepatitis C and her medical discoveries were born. I watched as people tried new treatments, were cured along with watching as the numbers of people infected grew. I read horror stories, success stories and watched people die from this ugly disease. I myself recall a time that my friends took me to the local E.R. because I had turned a greenish color. I remember weeks of being on the couch in and out of sleep feeling like I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. I especially remember the day I was diagnosed…and the devastation I felt. I always wondered how much longer I had to live. In 2016 I began having stomach problems, problems with my bowels, digestion and I felt closer to death than ever. Again, I went into the E.R. and experienced the battery of tests…and am still going through said test over and over again through out this year. One thing has been made clear…after 30 or 35 years of living with hepatitis C, amazingly I am in stage 1 , treatment isn’t even offered to stage 1 people! Here, I am with my images and tests and labs showing stage one or close to undetectable! I don’t understand …I figured I was in end stage by now. I don’t know why I am only stage 1 but I thank God every day. Of course I do not recommend going through life without being under doctors care…I just got lucky. Take care of yourselves and God Bless!

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