So His Death Isn't In Vain

My father needlessly died from hepatocellular carcinoma on December 19th, 2018 – the fancy, scientific term for primary liver cancer. There are some cancers that appear out of the blue without any known cause, and there are others, like primary liver cancer caused by Hepatitis C, which have a known origin and have a known treatment. And I can tell you firsthand that there are few things in this world that are more heartbreaking and enraging for a child than witnessing their parent succumb to a wholly preventable cancer that originates from a wholly treatable cause.

The effects of my father’s untreated Hepatitis C were insidious and easily misinterpreted. His resultant liver cancer was sudden and aggressive and rapidly dissolved his brain. The entire experience from the prolonged decompensation to his abrupt death wreaked tremendous emotional, spiritual, and physical havoc on him and me. I hope that in sharing the various facets my father’s journey that I can educate and motivate others and thus prevent more unnecessary suffering and death due to Hepatitis C.

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