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Life is Good…….cont’d

Hi All!!

Well, I am soooo elated to say that on April 9th I was officially “CURED” It’s rather surreal to me to know that I don’t have the dragon hanging over my head anymore. I served the “Eviction Notice” the dragon has been kicked to the curb!

A big THANK YOU to Gilead for saving my life!!!!!!!

Test and Treat! Take your Life Back!

Visit Part I of Life is Good.

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  • wtp76h
    4 years ago

    Congratulations.. that’s so good to hear.. we r hearing those words more & more these days with the new treatmentz available now.. I have 3 weekz left on my 12 week treatment.undetectable since week 4.. ..itz music to my earz. Everytime I hear someone has ‘killed the dragon’.. God Bless & enjoy ur freedom.. Free at last.. 🙂

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