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I was diagnosed in Sept of 95. I’ve kept a watch on my viral load since. Unfortunately have run into tougher times financially and when a cure came in I had no access. Now I’m having serious issues and am sure I need to get the cure.

Seeking treatment help

My stomach is so messed up. I am always a day late on trials or have never been picked to participate. I contacted the liver foundation out of Houston. I pray they contact me and will be able to provide the resources I need before it’s too late.

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  • Curious
    6 months ago

    Hi Lu59
    I read your story and wondered if you are getting the help you need. I start my first dose tonight. Any encouragement will do me a lot of good. I hope you are able to start by now and if you did, amlny help will be appreciated. I have some ideas because I could not pay for mine either. Sending you blessings and hope.

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