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When, Why and How?

My phone rang one afternoon. I looked at the caller ID and it showed the number of my doctor's office. Of course, I picked it up.
“Hello? Oh! Hello, Dr. Medina! Yes, I'm sitting down. What's going on?”
He told me in the nicest way that I had hepatitis C.

First came tears

We chatted about my treatment options, I asked some questions, and when I hung up the phone, I was numb. Honestly, I was devastated. The first thing I did was cry. Then I decided to tackle this hepatitis thing as though it was an enemy who had to be obliterated!

Cured of Hep C six months later

As you probably know, six months and hundreds of pills later, I can say that I am cured. I feel good and I've never looked back. All I can say is, thank you to all the wonderful doctors who helped me to the "finish line" of hepatitis C. I win!

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