If the disease wasn’t stress enough

If having advanced acute hep C and stage 3 or 4 liver cirrhosis wasn’t stressful enough with the pain, fatigue, memory loss, vomiting, etc, A person shouldn’t have to deal with government stupidity. I am 51 years old, worked everyday of my life, raised a highly respected son, helped build this great country.

The first time I visited this site. Contact was made with attorney. We talked and help convince me to swallow my pride and file for SSI disability.

Got my first denial letter today. I never read anything so funny. These statements were in this letter.

1– SSI recognizes advanced liver cirrhosis, but can be fixed

2– SSI recognizes filer has advanced acute hepC, but not the kind that damages livers

3– SSI and dot doctor states vision bad but not that bad

4– Final determination is declined for reason of “filer not legally blind”

No benefits, this is the best catch 22 ever.

I’m unemployed because I seriously can’t work without dizziness or vomiting.

Couldn’t afford my insurance because of Obamacare increase and can’t get help there because of not being able to show income.

Can’t get disability or the insurance needed to try and fix me.

So now I’m a 51 year old Caucasian male, who spent his life working, raising family, making my ancestors and god happy, never in legal trouble.

But now it’s like a government roadblock is everywhere. 2 hospitals and 3 doctors told me finish my bucket list quickly.


Watching people go crazy for undocumented aliens, but then a life long working man is told to go to the corner and DIE…

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