Biggest Mistake of My Life

The day I started treatment with Epclusa was the worst day of my life. I found out I had hep C in 2010. I've had it since the early '80's. Lucky me, I developed cirrhosis.

Side effects of Epclusa

Within 3 weeks of starting treatment with Epclusa, I had every single side effect that was mentioned on the Gilead website as well as the one side effect I would like to warn everyone about who may be considering this drug. It rots your teeth! They mention that you may get dry mouth or a metallic taste but the never share the fact that this drug will rot your teeth. At the age of 30, my mother got her dentures. I was lucky, I didn't get mine until I was 50. I have 2 teeth that serve as an anchor for my lower denture. My dentist always warned me to take care of these 2 teeth because without them, dentures are hard to secure.

Within a few weeks of treatment, I noticed massive decay of my teeth. I didn't pick up on the reason at that moment. Other side effects I endured were insomnia (I went without sleep for 3 weeks straight), overwhelming depression, lose of appetite (I never had 1 meal during these first 3 weeks), and fatigue. After 4 weeks on these killer pills, I stopped.

Did it work?

According to my blood tests I was virus-free (called a rapid responder). My doctor told me that these results would not last. I stopped Epclusa on 2/8/17 and I haven't gotten over the side effects as of today, 3/12/17. If I do anything, I want to warn anyone who is contemplating Epclusa to know that if you chose this drug, your teeth and oral health are in grave danger. I only wish that I had known this before I used this drug. It was quite by accident that I uncovered this deadly knowledge. It's not something that Gilead wants you to know.

My warnings to other patients

I don't know when or if ever I will be rid of these other horrible side effects, I don't feel very hopeful. Hep C never made me feel as terrible as I feel now. I used to think that being rid of hep C would lengthen my life, now I don't even care. Epclusa ruined my life. I just hope that this message will spare at least one hep C patient whose oral health is already in jeopardy. Stupid me. I really thought that I had performed my due diligence in researching Epclusa... boy, was I wrong. Beware my fellow hep C patients, I wish you all the very best.

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