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Howdy, I was told on the telephone by an infectious disease Dr. that I had Hep C. He told me he doesn’t treat hepc. I found a great Dr. and with Ribavirin and a new drug sobosafir I got my hep-c gone. But my liver had taken a beating from IV drug use, fight and drinking. I now have advanced stage cirrhosis with acites, high ammonium levels. The varices in my throat have had 15 bands inserted on them. I have metastatic prostate cancer that has spread its joy in me. And with all this, I still get up at 5 am and go to work every day. My Dr.’s tell me working is good for me, keeps me busy. I am 62 years old and enjoy every day I get to wake up. I hope this helps someone. It takes a great support staff, ie, my wife and daughters, and grand kids to keep this attitude.

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