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Am I Unusual

I was diagnosed with hep C and cirrhosis of liver in August 2016 by an emergency room doctor. Was my fault, don’t get a tattoo at a barn party in the 80’s.

All I know at this point is my liver enzymes are both in 170’s and a CT scan saw my liver while looking for kidney stones, that’s it.

Since I lost job, insurance, in 2012 when symptoms started hitting hard and got fired for my first time ever. The ER doctor said I was unemployable and uninsurable, “get my bucket list done”.

My first oddity. Have been to 2 ER’S, A critical care unit, county health department (6 different doctors) since August…but yet, I don’t have a prognosis, zero prescriptions, zero return visits, and no one can get me a referral for ultrasound or CT.

I believe they are thrown off by my symptoms though. How many are familiar with these symptoms?

I appear very healthy by look. Muscular, no yellowing anywhere. All labs are dead center perfect except liver enzymes..even blood pressure has been 120 over 80 for all visits, no variance.

  1. I vomit an acid tasting yellow bile 4 to 6 times a day for past 10 years or so…so acidy that my teeth are rotten.
  2. I have blisters appear, but contents look like wood putty from a can.
  3. Any memories that happen aren’t there… I know all personal information, remember how to drive and live day to day… can’t remember things like son’s childhood, my childhood, anything people say to me, I forget in 5 minutes.
  4. Massive ADHD, I spend most time lost and wondering what I’m doing.
  5. Vision went from 20/20 to 20/200 in three years… Constant ringing in ears.
  6. Sleeping blackouts. If I feel I’m running out of gas, I’m asleep in couple minutes…the front yard, a house being fixed up full of workers, working under car. That’s just example, I wake up in usually 30 minutes feeling refreshed.
  7. Liver hurts all time….constant pain
  8. Bruise super easy, one doctor pushed hard on liver and within 10 minutes both arms were covered in bruises.
  9. Plus rashes, itches, and obvious usual symptoms

I almost forgot, critical care nurse says my sleeping heart rate was mid 30’s but show no discomfort… they even took blood and I didn’t wake up…


Sorry this is long but I’m lost… Doctors act as if symptoms not possible. Disability says I’m not sick enough, and I’m left with no answers..

Can a body throw up and cyst out the poison? Can brain be poisoned without being yellow? Can these blackouts make me dangerous (too much criminal minds… lol)…

I am 51 white male that worked hard for 30+ years and was single father for 14 years. Also am a smoker, one pack a day.

For the first time ever, I think I’m experiencing fear of unknown and that’s not me… suggestions?… Thank you.

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  • Susan Simon moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Jackrabbit. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing such a wide range of symptoms. Remembering that we are not medical professionals here, it is imperative that you check everything out with a physician. Some of the things you are experiencing, I do not believe have anything to do with the virus. Other things like the blisters, may be an extrahepatic symptom of hep C called porphyria cutanea tarda (remember, I am not a doctor). It concerns me that the doctors you are seeing are pushing you away. I will suggest that you call Help4Hep at 877‑435‑7443. They answer the phones M-F, 9AM til 9PM. They should be able to help you find medical care. They will need to know where you live. I think the problem is more lack of insurance rather than doctors being thrown off by your symptoms. Please call them and ask for help, telling them what you have told us. And do come back and let us know what you find out. I wish you the best. (Sue, Community Moderator)

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