A & B & C

My story starts back in the 70’s daze. We all are aware of the ways to contract our virus. Been there done that, yes all of them. Not boasting in anyway just stating the facts. I was diagnosed with Hep A-B-C sometime back in the early 80’s. I can still remember the sickness, the aches and pains, jaundice, etc, etc. After needing assistance to dress myself because I couldn’t even raise my arms I went to the Doctors. I was told if I was to quit drinking and using, the liver was the only organ that can repair itself. I just assumed, yes there is the word, (assumed) all would be well. After a short stay in jail and a longer stay in rehab I quit drinking and using. Amen.

Jump to present day, blood work revealed high liver enzymes which led to more tests. Diagnosed with fatty liver which led to……. you got it more tests. Viral load, I think that’s the term, very high. Diagnosed with Hep C. The A & B cleared up I guess, but not the C. I am currently one point away from cirrhosis according to my latest blood work. I was prescribed Harvoni, but my insurance company denied it. My GI is currently appealing the decision, we will see. Have good days as well as bad, unfortunately the bad are becoming more frequent. Not complaining or whining, did it to myself. Appetite is next to nothing, mornings seem to be the worst. Once I am up and going, it’s cool. Problem is getting up and going. LOL. I just want to thank everyone for listening to my ramblings. Peace. ✌️

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