Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

As spring is here, you might be getting the itch to clean up after all those winter months stuck inside. So, this month in Spotlight we're focusing on spring cleaning while managing hepatitis C. And, sometimes spring cleaning goes beyond the actual tidying up your physical space, but also your mental mindset and emotional well-being. As the warm weather arrives, we almost feel like we're ready for a new start. Below we've included articles with some tips and tricks on how to tackle spring cleaning when you really don't feel like it!

Most of all though, we want to hear from you! How do you tackle organizing and cleaning as the spring months roll in or when you really don't feel up to it?! Let us know by posting in the our forums, sharing your story, or tweeting!

Spring Cleaning


Do you have any cleaning advice or any tips and tricks to make your spring cleaning easier? Please share it with us in our spring cleaning forum:

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Have a story on how you manage to clean and organize both your physical space and emotional well-being? Share your story with the community here:

Spring Cleaning Stories


Tweet us with any tips and tricks you use to clean your home and mindset while living with hepatitis C using the with the #SpringClean:


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Spring Cleaning
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