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When a Loved One Dies from Hepatitis C

Before the new hep C treatments, doctors were helpless in their efforts to save lives; People suffered with hepatitis C and liver disease. Some used meds with a low cure rate, and sadly, many died. When a loved one dies from hepatitis C, it’s a painful loss, often after years of illness. I hope this article will help you and your family move through grief and loss.


You will have extra time on your hands. If you have been a caregiver, or were there for your loved one in other ways, there will be empty hours. After a busy few months, or years, of trying to help, now you can slow down. Many emotions may come up, and that’s a good thing. Allow yourself space to grieve the loss of someone you loved very deeply.


When worrying about your loved one or caring for them, you may have put your own needs aside. It could be that you worked or tried to care for someone with hep C in your spare time. No matter what, stop and listen to your own body for a while. Get out for a walk, go to a movie, or take a nap. Explore a hobby. Do what makes you happy while you come to terms with the loss you’ve experienced.


You may feel like more could’ve been done. I can assure you, that if your loved one has passed, and you were trying to help at all, it’s ok. Even if you were not always there for them, let it go now. My daughter got tired and passed me on to my sister. Then, my brother took over. The truth is that no one person can do it all. After being cured of hep C, I got rid of hepatic encephalopathy. I realized that my mind wasn’t right. I felt bad for any words that may have caused guilt in my loved ones lives.


We all know those stages: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance. You will move between those for a long time. Anything you feel is okay during your grief. You may get angry at the medical system, or even at other family members. You might feel a sense of relief that they are not suffering. You’ll find your way toward understanding and acceptance, only to cycle back to feelings of loss and sadness. Be gentle with your feelings.

Moving on

Life is not a movie, and your loved ones death may have been messy, with a lot of complications. It could have been sudden and frightening. It might have been quiet and peaceful. No matter what, when a loved one dies from hepatitis C, they are finally at rest. I’ve chased off death with varices bleeds, emergency taps, and even liver cancer, chemo, and a transplant. I can assure you that when it seemed my end was near, my loved ones were in my heart. All I could think of was that they would have peace and understanding if I passed. With all my heart, I hope you find peace.

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