Spotlight: Nutrition and Health

Spotlight: Nutrition and Health

This month, is focusing on nutrition and health. Many living with hepatitis C or undergoing treatment find nutrition can play a role in their health. For instance, following a low salt diet can have benefits for managing ascites. Or, eating healthy foods such fresh fruits and vegetables can help improve your energy level. Over the month of March, we will be sharing and discussing the health benefits of a good nutrition plan.

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Easy Ways to Eat Clean with Hepatitis
By Karen Hoyt - April 7, 2016
With hepatitis C and liver disease, a good diet can make a heap of difference. Who can really eat perfect all the time? I’m snacking on chips while writing this blog...

How to Eat Healthy Fast Food
By Karen Hoyt - December 30, 2016
Right now, I’m surrounded by families gathered at circular tables. A low hum of conversation is interrupted by an occasional squeal from a toddler. Most people are popping bitesize bits of lunch into their mouth...

Benefits of a Low Salt Diet for Ascites
By Karen Hoyt - June 28, 2015
I have written about the benefits of a low sodium diet. Now I am going to offer you my fast tips for shopping and eating the low salt way. There is going to be a learning curve and you will have to make some adjustments...

How to Eat a Low Sodium Diet
By Karen Hoyt - June 28, 2015
When a person believes they may have been exposed to the hepatitis C virus, it can feel very scary and overwhelming...

How Sodium Intake Impacts Hepatitis C
By Jenelle Marie Davis - March 10, 2016
In a typical human body, the liver works with other organs to help the body process whatever is brought in. This includes any foods eaten, any liquids consumed...

How does nutrition help you manage symptoms and treatment? Share your story with the community.
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How does nutrition impact how you manage hepatitis C?
Nutrition and Health

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