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Hep C Stories: From Our Community

Sharing a personal story about your hepatitis C journey is inspiring and helpful to many in our community. We love when we receive your stories on our site. Here is a compilation of some of our stories from the past few months that we thought would resonate with the community!

Stories from our community

Hep C and Me

Never in a million years would I think at the age of 24 I would be diagnosed with hepatitis C…READ MORE

Should I risk my health by getting treatment?

I had a blood transfusion in 1983 at age 17 and was then kinda sick, yellow eyes, weight loss… READ MORE

Diagnosed HCV type 1 40 years ago at 16 years old

I am presently awaiting approval for epclusa and I do hope it doesn’t take long…READ MORE

How I got Hepatitis C

I got hepatitis C when I was a baby, blood transfer…READ MORE

The hardest battle I have ever fought

Skip to 2014 and I begin to start having symptoms like pain in my upper right abdomen…READ MORE

How can I share my story?

If you want to share your hep C journey, you can share it HERE or if you have a question you want to ask our community, you can check out our Q&A tool HERE!

Thank you for being a member of our community!