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You Might Be Zoned Out When

You Might Be Zoned Out When…

Admit it, most of us spend a lot of time trying to arrange our thoughts. For example, when having a conversation, we might struggle remembering an important detail. When trying to finish a task, we may forget what comes next.

Some people call it brain fog. It can be from the hepatitis C virus itself. It may be related to side effects from treatment. Then again, if you have advanced liver disease, it could be hepatic encephalopathy.

You Might Be Zoned Out When You…


  • Wander from room to room to do something, but can’t recall exactly what you needed to do.
  • Pass your chair and plop down confused, so you relax for a quick nap.
  • Can’t remember why you had gotten up in the first place.
  • Stop mid-sentence and stare into space trying to recall a word.
  • Finally remember the word, but forget what you were even talking about.
  • Do the above 2 things while you’re alone in the house.
  • Use your keychain to honk and find your car in a parking lot.
  • Have a panic attack because you can’t hear the horn.
  • Give up and finally call the police to report your car was stolen.
  • Remember that you got a ride to the store and hurry back inside.
  • Are being paged to come to the front of the grocery store because your ride can’t find you.
  • Walk up to a total stranger and ask them to call your phone because you’ve lost it.
  • Notice your butt starts ringing and you’re too relieved to be embarrassed.
  • Get to town and wonder why everyone is staring at your neck and look down to see that your shirt is wrong side out … and backwards.
  • Watch the same movie 5 times and are still surprised at the ending.
  • Find a huge bruise on your body and don’t even remember having an accident.
  • Would rather spend time in a daydream world than get out of bed and talk to real people.
  • Call real people on the phone to tell them your problems.
  • Are asked by the people at the water company to quit calling them for personal reasons.
  • Get stuck in a loop and keep thinking the same thoughts.
  • Start saying those things out loud to others… repeatedly.
  • Realize that you zone out and are able to accept that.
  • Can tell family and friends that you are zoney.
  • Are proud of who you are and know that being zoney does not define you.
  • Can laugh about the zoney things you do while having brain fog.
  • Realize that there are many gifts that you offer have to offer the world in spite of being a bit zoney.
  • We spend a lot of time alone in our head. It’s easy to believe that nobody else thinks the way we do.

    The truth is, whether you have hepatitis C or not, we’re all zoney. A lot of that is part of the human experience. Give yourself a break and embrace your zoniness!

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