You know you have hepatitis C when....

Your bed is like a boxing ring. You fight the pillow all night hoping you’ll get a knockout punch so that sleep will finally come.

There is a rounded dent on the couch or chair that is molded exactly to your body.

Getting up out of that dent requires the assistance of a tow bar, winch, and pickup truck.

You spend hours walking the aisles of health food stores looking for help.

Low blood levels leave you pale enough to star in a vampire movie without makeup.

The vacuum cleaner bag has enough of your hair to weave into an area rug.

The fear of eating too much sodium kills all of the joy in having a cheeseburger and french fries.

A prescription for HCV treatment that you can afford is better than winning the lottery.

You are willing to rub exotic plant oils on your skin to get rid of the snake-like dryness.

When no one is looking, you drink the same exotic plant oils because you read that it would help with nausea.

You yawn so much that you get TMJ.

You become an expert at staring into space for long periods of times.

When people ask what you are thinking and you tell them, “Nothing”, you really mean it.

There is a freeway directly over your house. It’s easy to tell because your body feels like it got ran over by an 18 wheeler 24/7.

You take 5 minute naps in odd places like store parking lots, on the pot, and at the kitchen sink.

You have to be careful at picnics because if an ant crawls over you, it leaves a trail of bruises.

Alien abductions begin to make sense because you are the only one in your neighborhood with bright yellow eyes and skin.

Fresh vegetables and fruits outnumber the bags of chips and cupcakes in your kitchen.

Your first meal of the day is a shake that has protein powder and a mix of those vegetables and fruits.

You secretly practice twitching your nose or blinking your eyes trying to make things magically happen ….. things like cleaning, cooking, or going to the bathroom.

The value of life takes on a whole new meaning. You forgive your past and pray for a future.

You make a vow to fight the battle for your life.

Every day that you wake up feels like the best birthday ever because you are alive.

You find out who your true friends are.

A simple hug can make you cry.

Your online friends are the only ones who really get it.

You know a million ways to get out of depression.

You make enough changes in your life that you could write a self-help book.

Other people who struggle with Hepatitis C take on hero-like qualities in your eyes.

You look within and see the same heroic courage and strength in yourself.

With your head held high, you aim toward tomorrow like an arrow headed for a bullseye.

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