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You Know What to Do with Hepatitis C

When we’re first diagnosed and in need of information, it is easy to panic. We picture a virus gnawing on our liver and that is just gross. Our nerves are on edge while our thoughts swim around trying to figure out what to do next. If you’re like me, you ask people what to do. I asked doctors, family members, friends, nurses…. Heck, I just wanted to know how to stay alive. I want to advise you to listen to your own instincts. You know what to do with hepatitis C.

Stop and think. Really. It’s that easy. Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Think some smart thoughts. Write them down. Start with these thoughts: There is a cure. My body can heal. I am strong enough to do this. I can do anything.

Pull away. You may need to protect yourself from people who hold you back. This includes people who say hateful things to you or put you down. It won’t hurt to put some distance between you and those kind of people.

Nurture yourself for a while. What do you feel like doing? Eat early and go to bed? Do it. Take a 2 hour bath? Go ahead and empty that hot water tank just for yourself.

Take a healthy risk. Thinking about saying no to a friend who bugs you? Try it. Wondering if protein shakes are all they’re cracked up to be? Make an investment in one.

Wait for the right timing. If something isn’t going right today. Go to bed and look at it again tomorrow.

Eat like you want to stay alive. Get rid of crappy fast food and unhealthy calories. Eat some chicken and vegetables til you get your body straightened up. You’re smart like that.

Be true to yourself. You might have to tell stories to others to get what you need. But all alone, deep inside, you know how to get your needs met. Don’t compromise your truth.

Walk around. Just stroll through the living room. Maybe take it all the way to the sidewalk. Swing your arms.

Be safe. By moving away from the hurtful people and spending more time listening to your inner wisdom, You’ll become more emotionally safe. That feels good.

Smile in the mirror. Yeah, your teeth may have taken a beating. And then there’s those wrinkles. But you still look better when your smiling. I know you know that.

Let it go. Whatever it is that is hanging over you…. Just let it go. The prescriptions will arrive. The doctor will call back. But for one day.. let it go.

In the end, you know what to do with hepatitis C. It’s your body and your life. You alone feel the pain and the joy. You alone carry the anger. You know where your joy lives and your strength sleeps. Deep down inside, you have the wisdom to take care of things. When your wise thoughts come, and they will, you’ll be glad that you took your own advice.

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