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An image of a woman writing in a journal

Writing Your Story

Writing your story and sharing your journey with hepatitis C can be a healing process. Whether you are new to the journey or you have been battling this for some time, it can be an outlet for emotions, fears, and frustrations.

Putting my fears down on paper

I started my journal in August of 2010 from my hospital bed. I found that by putting my thoughts and feelings into short writings, I was releasing all of that day’s fear. I noticed that in the early days, many many days journal entries would mention that I was not able to quit crying. I wrote about how the fear was consuming me and the thought of death was so real for me. I feared for my life. I feared that I would be leaving my two kids all alone.

I scrolled back a few pages into the journal and found a post about how I was not eating well and feeling sick to my stomach all the time. I will admit that the early days of my journal were fairly negative and gloomy. Just going back through it and reading the entries — it was hard for me to picture my thoughts back then. Fast forward through the journal book and I find a happier “Kim”. My thoughts were more clear, my writings were more uplifting.

Making it through tough times

Today, I am free of hep C. I am living a full productive life and have gotten all the wishes I have seemed to pray about in the earlier days. I have gotten the cure. I have beat hep C. I have also been blessed to see my children grow into young adults, graduate high school, and begin lives of their own. My journal writings have become more positive and more uplifting. I have learned to be happy with where I am in this very moment.

It is good, at times, to remember where you have come from. It is, however, sometimes difficult to re-live the pain and struggles you went through in the past.

Continuing to journal through happier times

I have continued to journal daily about my health and life to this day. It will be something that someday many, many years down the road, I can revisit and remember that I am one tough cookie. That no matter what was placed before me, I got through it. It will also lift my spirits to remember all I’ve overcome if I stumble upon a difficult time again. It will help me to know that “this too shall pass”.

Have you journaled or thought about journaling? Let us know what your experience has been like. If you’re ready to start journaling, happy writing!


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