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Wow! I Am Cured!

Wow! I am cured! If you are one of the ones who have said those words or something similar, you know how amazing the feeling is! I remember it well, even though it was years ago now. As we see so many more people being cured now, I hear it almost daily and they are the sweetest words to my ears. Whether you were diagnosed last year or 20 years ago, it is an important point in your life. Whether you celebrated with friends or family or just quietly soaked it in on your own, it is just as impact-filled.

Eliminating the Virus is No Small Feat

Being able to eradicate a virus as complex as hep C is no small feat in medical science! It is truly amazing in the world of virology according to some scientists I have met. Medical science aside, and I don’t mean to brush it off glibly at all, but the personal significance is the real story for hundreds of thousands and potentially millions worldwide.

Just imagine those smiles and release of endorphins in all those people! If only we could gather it all in one place-Wow! What an event that would be. The dancing, the hooting and hollering, laughing, and all round great bursting of joy! I remember the random smiles I had for weeks after I got the news. Smiles had not been easy for some time for me while I was living with the virus and although I did my best to stay positive, it was hard.

As you may have heard or experienced yourself, being cured of hep C does not mean that every pain, bouts with nausea, or mood is perfect now. But, getting rid of the virus is a monstrous step in the right direction. For most of us, we will see improved health and wellness after treatment, over time, and some will feel better during their treatment now. I have heard many people say they have not felt better in years, and that was in the middle of their treatment. I am not saying that you will, but we never heard that back when interferon was the main drug for treating hep C. Nobody I talk to says they felt better with interferon; quite the opposite.

Being Cured Is Worthy of Celebration

Back to being cured; I am so happy for you and I know you are too! This is your time, and will always be in your memory as important. If you are not cured, you must know now that you can be. There are recent fears about the direct-acting antiviral (DAAs) causing liver cancer, but the evidence is not conclusive and to be honest about this subject, we don’t know long-term effects of these new drugs. I will share with you that as someone who was in a clinical trial with DAAs nearly 8 years ago; my health is very good in general. I am aging in my 60’s now, and I do have some health challenges because of hep C and treating with interferon but my liver is healed and I do not have liver cancer or heart disease. I am only one, but I am not alone, trust me.

As I always say, we need to consider all the risks and benefits of any medical treatment or intervention (surgery). For me I have no regrets and to recall the news of being cured I am lifted up even now and every time I read it or hear it. Congratulations to you if you too can say, “I am cured”

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