World Hepatitis Day

Shedding Light on the Symptoms of Hep C for World Hepatitis Day

July 28th is World Hepatitis Day! Many refer to the hepatitis C epidemic as the silent epidemic. We know that hep C can also be a silent disease, doing damage to people’s bodies for years before any symptoms show. Our community members often note that they wish their friends and family knew more about how hepatitis C can affect their day to day life – even after being cured. In honor of World Hepatitis Day, we’re shedding light on some of the lesser known but still common symptoms that we see discussed in our community!

Skin Issues

Many people do not know that hep C can cause skin problems. People with hep C may notice dryness, scaling, itching, redness, and welts. Itching can be one of the most annoying symptoms!

pink blotches on the skin

Mouth Sores and Dental Issues

Since hep C mainly affects the liver, many are surprised to know that people experience symptoms in their mouth! People with hep C may experience Lichen Planus, a condition that can affect the skin and cause mouth sores. Paying special attention to dental health is important for people living with hep C.

an open mouth with lightening bolts


Abdominal pain, joint pain, and muscle aches are all common symptoms experienced by people with hep C. Neuropathy is also a common side effect for those who have treated with older treatments, like interferon.

a man leaning over with his back on fire

Brain Fog and Memory Problems

Brain fog can be a symptom of the hepatitis C virus, but can also be a side effect of treatment. This fog may make it hard to think clearly or remember things. So, if you’re feeling zoned out – you are not alone!

a person scratching their head with a pencil

Hair Loss

Hep C’s damage to the body can even impact the hair! Liver damage can cause hair to feel brittle and dry. Some people also experience hair loss.

a man without much hair combing and watering his head


Depression is one of the most common conditions associated with hep C. While those battling symptoms of depression may feel alone, it is important to remember that many in the community have experienced similar feelings.

someone who feels down


Fatigue from hep C is more than just feeling tired! Chronic fatigue is one of the most debilitating symptoms people experience, impacting people even after they’ve been cured!

a battery running low

Are there other hep C symptoms you wish were more widely known? Let us know what else you’d like to share with the world for World Hepatitis Day!