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World Hepatitis Alliance Announces New President

What Is The World Hepatitis Alliance?

The World Hepatitis Alliance is an organization that is non-profit and that is led by and focused on patients and their needs. The Alliance works with partners in government and in healthcare to provide the best possible assistance for patients with hepatitis. They also focus on raising awareness of viral hepatitis, which can lead to national and international changes to the lives of the estimated 400 million people in the world who are living with viral hepatitis, especially because it is estimated that only 5% of those people know their status. This organization set up World Hepatitis Day, which began in 2008 and occurs every year on July 28. They have also created and established a World Hepatitis Summit, which partners with World Health Organization and with World Hepatitis Alliance to bring professionals together in a different country each year to discuss and learn about new techniques and research related to viral hepatitis. The World Hepatitis Alliance’s current overarching work is a program called NOhep, which is a global initiative and movement to eliminate all viral hepatitis from the entire planet by 2030.

Who Is The New President?

The new president is Michael Ninburg, who has been chosen to serve as the President for the 2018-2019 year. He has extensive history with hepatitis C organizations, including working as the Executive Director of the Hepatitis Education Project (HEP), working in national and international government agencies to support hepatitis patients, and working with federal agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). In addition, he has worked throughout the world in companies such as Apple and both in the United States and abroad.

For the 2017 year, Ninburg will work closely with the current president, Charles Gore, which will allow a seamless transition from one leader to the next.

Why Do This Organization and This President Matter?

With over 400 million people in the world with viral hepatitis, it is crucial that the world become more aware of the signs and symptoms of hepatitis, as well as to learn about ways to protect individuals and groups from becoming exposed to hepatitis. The World Hepatitis Alliance is able to use its collective knowledge and its presence in the medical community to work toward finding new educational, training, and support tools for anyone in need, with a focus on patients. This is unique because often, professionals come from a place of their own knowledge and this leads them to focus on their own industry or specialty. This patient focused and method keeps the entire organization always considering the needs of those who are experiencing hepatitis. Plus, unlike other organizations where professionals tell patients what to do, World Health Alliance is led by patients, which means that people who have truly experienced hepatitis are the ones creating the collective voice, not people in fancy buildings who have no idea what the process really looks and feels like.

This president is important because he brings his own unique experiences to this role. Because he will be shadowing the current president for almost a full year before taking the lead, he will be able to maintain the consistency and benefits of the Alliance and have a fresh perspective on the organization’s needs, which will allow him to begin to work with others in his own network, as well as in the preexisting network at the Alliance to continue to further the goal of providing education and treatment to people with hepatitis all over the world. His work internationally is likely to provide insight and connections that the organization previously did not have and his work with huge technological and internet companies may provide the Alliance with new concepts and tools to use technology and the internet in new ways to promote the ending of stigma around hepatitis and the increase in knowledge about the viruses.

How Can I Participate?

The World Hepatitis Alliance offers several ways for the public to participate in their mission to end hepatitis by 2030. On their website, there is a link to resources, which provides more information about hepatitis and about the Alliance. You can read or print these materials to educate yourself and you can share your new knowledge with others. Providing information to others and doing so without embarrassment or shame of hepatitis helps to increase awareness and to combat stigma. In addition, there are toolkits on the Alliance website that are available in dozens of languages. They will provide further information about hepatitis, as well as information regarding World Hepatitis Day and other events taking place throughout the world.1-4

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