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Wishing I Had Known About Hepatitis C Sooner

Well, somebody could have told me! Here I spent all of those years of thinking I was just lazy, or depressed, or menopausal. In reality, my body was harboring the silent hepatitis C virus. I guess there were a few clues if anyone had looked hard enough, but there were always other ways of explaining them.

I am assuming that you too have had climbing liver enzyme levels and not even known it. Your liver was screaming to be heard and nobody listened. So it tried to heal itself and ended up damaged in the process. For many of us, our liver was failing by the time HCV was detected.

Then our emotions get involved…

It feels like we have missed out. It is kind of like going to the car dealership and being told that the car we are buying was half price the day before. Regret and anger rise up within us. We may have been perfectly satisfied with the price we were paying until we heard that. Now we feel cheated.

I think we all agree that feeling cheated is hard to get over. If we buy that car, we may not even feel as much pleasure in it now. Every time we get in and slide behind the wheel, we get a jolt in our stomach. Whenever a payment is due, we are reminded that it could have been much less and think that somebody should pay for this mistake.

This type of thinking can result in a need to get back at somebody. I mean, shouldn’t someone be held responsible? If we are smart enough to realize that trying to pin down fault is nearly impossible, we may shift the blame onto ourselves. We could sit in a funk for days trying to figure it out. All of these thoughts are just time wasters.

Asking Ourselves Important Questions

We can wax philosophical and try to look at the big picture. But when the emotions are running strong, that is not always easy. I try to reel in those angry thoughts of what might have been in a different way. This may work for you too by asking this question.

  • What would you have done differently if you had known?
  • Would you have gotten treatment sooner? The old treatments were not very successful. New drugs are available with low side effects and high success rates.
  • Would you have taken better care of your body? You can begin today to form healthier habits.
  • Would you have exercised more? It is possible to make small changes and gain more strength.
  • Would you have chased your dreams? Think about setting goals to reach them today.
  • Would you have made the decision to give more to those you love?

Time is the most cherished gift you can give. Start now! I wish we all could have found out about Hepatitis C sooner. But no matter what, your life and your future are still in your hands!

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  • Kelly seibel
    5 years ago

    I so relate to that story. I gave fiance the belly shots 11 yes ago. And just found out this yr I now active. Don’t know how much damage or even genotype trying still get help.

  • Karen Hoyt moderator author
    5 years ago


    I’m so sorry that you just found out that the HCV is active. There are now treatments that do not require the interferon injections. Hopefully you will get going on that type of treatment soon. It’s a process to get the genotype and then a scan or biopsy to see how much damage is done.

    Wishing you all the best as you go through this.
    xo Karen

  • Kelly p
    5 years ago

    Thanks Karen I just tired. Wonder how long been I been treated for fibromyalgia for years. And taking Lortab. The fatique and pain is wearing me down and stress not work for year but love this site gives me encourgment

  • Karen Hoyt moderator author
    5 years ago

    I totally hear you Kelly. It encourages me too when I connect with friends who understand. We can sympathize with each other about symptoms and how we feel. Best of all, we remind each other to keep going!
    I’m with you in this..
    xo Karen:)

  • Gary Dekan
    5 years ago

    Karen love your attitude and words of encouragement. I too was diagnosed with the chronis hep-c w/ cirrhosis of the liver and yes it was difficult in the beginning but currently I’m being treated with the Ribivirin/Savaldi cocktail. I’m hoping to beat this disease and live free of the bounds of hep-c.

  • Karen Hoyt moderator author
    5 years ago


    Congratulations of getting treatment. It’s amazing how fast the new medication works. Here is to a wonderful summer of living hep c free and letting your body heal.

    xo Karen

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