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From Our Advocates: Top Reasons to Get Cured

After a hepatitis C diagnosis, many patients are nervous about starting treatment. Some even wonder if treatment will make a difference. The fact is, that without treatment, the virus can do serious damage to the liver, and cause long-lasting health effects. Getting cured (known as reaching “sustained viral load”, or “SVR”) may improve your liver health, and your overall quality of life.

To better understand the realities of hep C treatment, and why it’s important to get cured, we asked our advocates, “After reaching SVR, what were some unexpected changes you experienced?”. Here are there reasons to get cured:

From Connie

“Personally, I noticed my energy level gradually increasing over time. Within the first year, my fatigue faded, as well as many side effects from the hep C virus.”

From Daniel

“The nagging anxiety pertaining to my positive status and any associated depression was alleviated. I felt more in control.”

From Daryl

“After I was declared free of hep C, I was very excited with the news. It was a great relief and source of great joy and celebration. I had begun to feel better within weeks of finishing treatment, and after the all-clear SVR, there was an improvement in my mood in general. I had dealt with anxiety for years prior to being cured of hep C, and there was a major change after successful treatment, to the point that I was able to stop using medications to help me deal with anxiety. The dreaded fatigue and nausea were no longer part of my life. The brain fog lifted over time, and my ability to do so many things improved. My social life was renewed.”

From Karen

“After reaching SVR, I immediately felt less fatigue and brain fog. Within a few months of treatment, my quality of life improved. It was like getting set free from a prison. I knew that I could live for many more years. I fell in love, got married, and started a whole new life.”

From Rick

“Holy expletive, the difference is HUGE. The relief was unreal, I felt a resurgence of confidence unlike anything I’d known. My anxiety faded with my paranoia regarding being a potential source of infection for those close to me, and it was nice to not always be “on alert”. Dating became a lot easier. I actually have quality of life now. I feel more in control than I have at any other time in my life.”

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