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Hepatitis C Does NOT Discriminate

Last updated: October 2020

Hepatitis C does not discriminate. It does not choose one race over another, nor does it choose on whether more males or females contract it. Hepatitis C is a disease that is in every ethnic community around the world. This disease is destroying livers of all ages- from the infancy to the older adults.

Hepatitis C around the world

Just because more information is available to those in the United States on TV commercials or ads in magazines, this does not mean we have more people infected or that it is strictly a disease that Americans are faced with. In fact, it is shown that many strains of hepatitis C originated overseas in various countries and cultures.

I was doing some research on hepatitis C not long ago. I wanted to learn where was it most prevalent. Countries with high infection rates include Egypt, Pakistan, and China - all higher than the United Stats. Regardless, the number of deaths from hepatitis C have surpassed the rate due to HIV/AIDs. With more and more hep C awareness getting out there, these numbers will likely rise as more are coming forward to be tested.

Hepatitis C in children

With the opioid increase in our communities, I have personally witnessed the increase of infant infections from birth. Now, pediatric doctors are having to learn how to manage and treat hepatitis C. In infants and children, hep C has the similar effects on the bodies of children as adults. Again, no discrimination.  These poor little ones are having the muscle pain, joint pain, and fatigue along with all the other side effects. Many kids are not able to describe their symptoms or understand what is wrong. 

Finding support

We have a closed support group sponsored by my foundation “Hepatitis C Kids Corner”.  This is a place that parents can go and seek support of other parents who have children fighting hep c. Here, they get suggestions as to how to determine what exactly the child might be feeling. Many of these children have no idea what is going on; all they know is they hurt, they are tired, sluggish, and really not able to settle.  In this support group, we offer suggestions on how to help ease the muscle and joint pain, for example. Just having someone who has been there and understands eases fear, and questions can be answered.

For adults, getting into a support group can offer you the comfort someone understands and gets it. Once cured, we encourage those to continue in the support group to offer their personal story to help others.

Take action

There is no set age, race, or gender that this disease attacks. So be aware, be educated, and if you are fighting hep c, share your story. Even if you touch one life with it, you are making an impact in the elimination of hep C.

Together, we are STRONG.

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