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Who Can You Count On?

Who Can You Count On?

It feels like you’re driving down a dark road in the middle of the night and your gas light came on. Everything feels like an emergency. The insurance company is putting you off. The rent is late. You just ate your last slice of bread. You have filled out 3 sets of medical forms and now they want more records. Your cat won’t come in from the rain. Who can you count on when push comes to shove?

Look to the past

You heard me right. Sometimes we need to talk to our inner 10 year old self. Remember the kid who was so sure about everything? The one who saw that some people were dumb, and avoided those people? Yes, you also saw that some people were kind and smart, so you tried to be like them. You had a lot of dreams. You thought that anything was possible! Ask that kid for some advice and tune in to the optimism of your youth.

Look to the future

Next, you can call on your 80 year old self. Think ahead to how wise you will be after surviving the hepatitis C virus. If you can go through countless medical procedures and treatments, you will certainly have a lot of wisdom. Tap into the wise old soul within and give yourself some good advice to help get you through. Your future self knows that you are going to make it. If you open your mind, you will know where to go for the support that you need.

Look to this moment

All we really have is right now. In this very moment while reading to the end of this sentence, you have used your own genius power. You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m not a genius,” but now it’s time to think again. You DO have a spark of life within you. After all that you’ve been through, look how far you’ve come. You’re still alive and trying to find information on how to feel better. You’re working to heal your body and your life.

You have probably figured out where this is going. In many situations in life, it may seem as though you are alone. The truth is that you always have yourself to fall back on… and that’s a pretty good thing.

You’ve survived more than you realize

When you first started in life you were a little thing that couldn’t even feed yourself. You fell down over and over learning to walk, but you didn’t give up.

In school, you tried your hardest and learned to read and write. That’s a lot to learn in the first 6 years of life… and it didn’t get easier. You made it through puberty without totally falling apart. Surviving middle school must have made you an emotional giant. How else could you have survived the crazy, and often cruel, teen years?

You are a survivor

You learned that when friendships grew cold, and family got frustrating, you would always remain standing tall. There was a voice within reminding you that during the darkest times, you could always count on yourself. You will move past hepatitis C. You will survive the ups and downs of paying for treatment. Food will come. It always has. The rent gets paid. You are a survivor who can count on YOU.

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