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When You Know More About Hep C Than Your Doctor…

I had a very unsettling experience a few years back that really got me to thinking about how knowledgeable are most physicians about hep C.

Finding a the right doctor for you

I already was going to the leading hepatologist and research doctor in the country for my hep C but it was when I was at my family doctor for a cold that had me start to question things. We started talking about my hep c and he had no idea there were new medications out to treat hep C and did not know anything about various genotypes.  This had me understand the need for more education to family practices are needed.

After discussing this with a couple of doctors from the Second Opinion Show I was on, I got the full picture. They explained to me that when it comes to treating people with every possible disease, everyone wants them to “THINK of THIER DISEASE FIRST” when you put that together with thousands of health issues… it can be beyond too many to remember- for ANYONE.

Seeking second opinions

Until then I was frustrated thinking “why on earth is this guy not knowing what is going on in the hepatitis C world.”  This stuff was now making news… a 99% cure rate.

Since then I have had numerous people contact me about same situations they are experiencing. I explain that it’s best if they could get in to see a hepatologist or gastroenterologist for treatment and care for hep C. These doctors are specialists in the field of livers and would be the most up-to-date doctors to go to.

Support and information are key

For those in rural, remote areas who have no choice but go to their local family doctor for care, I suggest getting yourself educated and up-to-date with all the hep C treatments out there.  If you are on Facebook, there are many different groups and pages for support.

If your doctor is open for input and suggestions I would tell him/her about a online Skype like fomat for physicians only.  It is a group that doctors in rural or remote areas can go to once a week to discuss their patients and get up-to-date treatment recommendations for that patient based on genotype and other medical history.  They can discuss a full range of issues regarding the patient as well. This doctor only group is call Project Echo

Moving forward with confidence

I was fortunate to sit in on one and got to see doctors from reservations come into the group and seek advise for how to treat their patient properly. It truly was remarkable to see those doctors be able to actually treat a patient with confidence. This was created by a liver specialist who saw the need for help in treating people in far away rural places. To me it was the perfect solution to helping ease the stress of doctors needing to know everything.  I hope with positive suggestion your doctor will be willing to sit in on one of these to see the benefit to being able to treat.

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