When You Feel Like a Burden.

Emotional Weight from Hepatitis C: Feeling like a Burden

This blog is for those of us who carry emotional weight or feel like a burden when they’re sick with hepatitis C. Let me start off by saying that my family and friends did their best to support me in every way. I give a lot of thanks for all that was done for me. But there was, and still is, a huge part of me that feels like a burden with hepatitis C. I’m working on that, and making a list for me became making a list for you too.

What to do when you feel like a burden to others:

Stop apologizing

I’ve begun to realize how often my sentence have started with "I’m sorry, but..." Sometimes, I’m asking for help and hate to bother anyone. But there are times when I need an item from the store or a drive to the doctor. I’m not sorry that I need another human being. I don’t like to inconvenience anyone, but I’m not sorry. Sorry has a negative quality that makes me feel like I’m a burden. I’m always polite when asking and grateful for help. That’s not a being a burden, that’s being a blessing.

Realize you’re a valuable human being

Yes, I go for all of that "feel good" type of thinking. It sure beats lying around feeling like a burden or with the emotional weight of hepatitis C. When you hesitate to ask for help, think about what you would do if someone asked you to do something for them. You would probably be willing to help out your fellow person. So, think about the fact that you are so very worthy of letting others help you out. If you help someone, you actually feel good about it because you value that person. Let someone else show you are valuable by helping you out. They will get the good feeling that comes from lending a hand to someone in need.

Draw a line in the sand

I hate to think that someone may have purposefully made you feel like you were a burden or contributed to the emotional weight of hepatitis C. If anyone has said that to you, it can really hurt. These kind of people don’t understand how to give and take in the human race. You’re a little ahead of them on how to live in harmony with others. Sometimes we have to walk away from people like that. It can be very hard, especially if it’s someone you love. If they are creating a sense that you are a burden, you have to back off for a while and give yourself some space. Maybe that’s all they need too, and you will reconnect later. Don’t be afraid to step away until their attitude changes.

Find patterns when you carry emotional weight

If you are apologizing all the time, it can be a sign. If you let it go too far, you may begin to experience feelings of sadness or depression because you don’t feel like a valuable human being who deserves love. Eventually, you can get your sense of self worth back, even if you have to put distance between yourself and someone who feels like you’re a burden. You deserve to have safe connections with others while you are dealing with health problems from the hepatitis C virus.

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