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When It’s Too Hard to Go On With Hep C

When It’s Too Hard to Go On With Hep C

Living with the hepatitis C Virus takes a toll on your entire life. Your body, mind, and emotions get so messed up. Your family doesn’t always know how to help. Your doctor doesn’t have all the answers. It’s all right back on you. You wonder how much more you can take, or if it’s worth it. You may be on meds or sick from HCV. You may feel like it’s too hard to go on at all. Here are some tips that I hope will help you get through.

Get still and just feel your emotions and then tell them to someone. Putting a name on the dark feeling can help you to understand them better. Let me give you some examples of strong feelings I have had over the last several years while dealing with Hepatitis C.









Once you have named your strongest emotion, take some steps to cope with your feelings.

Write down the emotion that you feel the strongest and google it. Make some notes about the meaning. Look up an article about it.

You may have feelings like you want to end it all – like it is not worth waking up another day. You may be tired. Deep in your bones tired. Like you have thought these thoughts a billion times. You just want your mind to be able to think about something good. Or maybe you just don’t want to think anything at all.

Realize that you are not alone in your feelings. Sometimes this can be even more depressing. You may be like, “Is there anybody who is really happy all the time?” The answer is no. We all have those periods of time where life is painful and sad. Try to hook up with someone who can get sad with you. Maybe hold you while you cry. Or do the opposite, find a friend who is in a great mood and tell them you need cheering up.

If you have strong thoughts about taking your own life, call a hotline, therapist, medical center, friend, family member. Hook up with your online community. Don’t sit alone with your feelings.

Look for spiritual guidance. A pastor, counselor, or friend from church can help. There are some really hopeful speakers online and on television. Stay away from anything that makes you feel sad or bad about yourself.

Don’t give up or give in to suicidal thoughts. Do not allow yourself to dwell on a story in your head where you are alone and taking steps to end your life. Shut that down fast.

Put on some music that makes your feel good. Steer clear of anything that brings up sad or bad memories.

Be good to your body. When sad feelings come, it can make your stomach hurt, or give you a headache. Take a nice long bath while soothing music is playing. Rub coconut oil on your body and put on some soft clothing. Lie still on your bed and relax.

Realize that these feelings will pass. Maybe not as quick as you would like, but they will pass. You are strong. You can hang on until they pass. You can talk to someone. You have a purpose in life. You are a gift to this planet and the people in it. You can find the strength the go on for another day. And you will be glad you did.

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