What's next, and next after that?

For some of us, wondering what's next is a never-ending quest for answers and solutions, ways to improve on this and that, and all sorts of things.

Sound like you? Perhaps not, but for some of us, it remains a thing we cannot let go of. What is this thing, you might ask?

Well, it’s hep C and all the many things that are a part of what this lowly virus does to affect us and others, too, of course. As I have written many times before, it is not the same for everyone, and how we deal with it is just as unique.

Taking one day at a time

“One day at a time,” as we say, are wise words by and large. Not that making plans is a bad thing at all.

Some of us are big plan makers and dreamers who have big plans that can be our dreams for the future. Some of us have basic goals and wishes for the future, which for them suffice well enough.

Living in the now is something we have all heard or read about, and it is certainly a good practice if one is wrestling with anxiety, as I learned first-hand. Worrying about the future, especially about things we have no reasonable ability to change.

Most often, there will be a tomorrow, until there isn’t, of course, but our chances are good for almost all our life. Sure, tomorrow may be just as difficult as today has been, but there remains a good chance that it can be better.

Having good and bad days

If you suffer from chronic pain, you get what I mean, at least if you, too, experience days worse or better. I do, but that’s just me. I try hard to celebrate the not-so-bad days and cherish them as good days.

Bad days can change our mood. You know, too, if you have also experienced chronic pain. What’s next? Are you cured? Are you feeling well?

Being ready for what's next

Ready for the next challenge with renewed vigor, we look forward to being well and free of the awful virus and the things it caused. I remember well how I felt once I was free of hep C, as I wanted nothing more than the knowledge I was free of the virus, or dragon as we called it.

As time passed, I felt stronger and able to do more and make plans for the future. It was a joy-filled time, and sharing it now makes me smile.

It was a time for a rebirth and the antithesis of the difficult times when the virus ravaged my whole self in all the ways it could. Your "what next" belongs to you, and I hope it is a time for celebration because we all deserve the opportunity to be well and have the joy that wellness brings.

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