What Vitamins Are Safe with Hepatitis C

If you have the hepatitis C virus, it is important to know what vitamins are safe. Eating enough healthy foods to nourish your body is not always easy. That’s why taking daily vitamins are usually a good choice. Not all vitamins are easy on the liver. It is best to check out a few things about vitamins first. After reading this, take some notes, and then talk with your doctor about what vitamins are safe for you, and at what dosage.

What vitamins do people with hep C need?

Consider what are the vitamins you need the most. Talk with your doctor about that. Perhaps you can have a vitamin panel done with your lab work. After you decide what are the most needed vitamins, then look at what the safest dosage is.

We all know that the safest way to get vitamins is through food sources. But really, when you don’t feel good, it’s not easy to cook. During the time you are on treatment for the hepatitis C virus, it not always possible to get everything put together for a meal. Fast food is an option, but it doesn’t have what your body needs. I have always felt that a good multi-vitamin can help you during those times.

After finding out I had hep C, I quickly learned that not all vitamins are safe. This is especially true if you have a damaged liver. I had cirrhosis when I was diagnosed, and was so surprised to hear my doctor tell me NO vitamins were safe at first. Don’t panic, keep reading. I had swelling from ascites, anemia, and bleeding varices. My first instinct was to take a vitamin. After we got my body calmed down with medication and a low sodium diet, I asked my doctor again. This time he said I could take a children's chewable once a day multi-vitamin.

Several vitamins that you need can help with anemia, low energy, body aches, fatigue, and brain fog.

Different vitamin options

B Vitamins are all numbered. There is B1 through B 12 and all kinds in between. They are good for heart health in general and can help lower cholesterol levels. They are also good for mood balancing. If you have a lot of stress (most of us do) then the B6 vitamin is one for you! Other B’s help you to sleep and also grow healthy tissue. I have to watch out for B12 because it hypes me up a little, but it can really boost your energy!

Vitamin C is great for everything. You can boost your immune system, fight cancer, and help your heart. While it is easily found in like oranges or grapefruit, you can take extra during cold or allergy season for added benefits.

Vitamin D is good for bone health. When I treated on protease inhibitors, my doctor approved a higher dose of D3 specifically. While it comes from sunshine, most of us don’t spend enough time outdoors, or use sunscreens. We also may avoid dairy with added D and a supplement can help.

Vitamin E is a good general antioxidant. This simply means that it cleans off and removes anything that damages your cells. It also helps your body’s immune system to respond better when it is threatened by a bug or flu you have been exposed to.

Every day, your body needs vitamins to help you to fight off the effects of toxins and to help you heal. Talk to your doctor about using vitamins to supplement your diet while you’re treating for the hepatitis C virus. Ask him which ones are safe for your body. Find out what dosage is best to help you get through treatment.

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