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The word wellness has different meanings for different people, and this is just as common with people who are dealing with hep C. Most of us think of wellness in both the curing of a disease and also in more general terms. I am no expert on the academic areas of study in this area and act as an observer and also as a participant, seeing that I too have dealt with the quest for wellness and good health that includes being free of hep C.

Mental Wellness

Just yesterday I drove by a building that had a sign in the front that read “Mental Illness” but in red they crossed out the illness and wrote above it “wellness”. It was that observations that led me to write about the subject of wellness here.

As I see it, wellness is similar to happiness in its subjective nature and it is hard for many of us to imagine happiness in the absence of wellness. Some would say that happiness is not about laughing a lot or feeling happy about some event or positive thing in our day-to-day lives. Having said that, a series of happy events and a positive occurrence sure can help when we talk about happiness. Some say that all it takes is a positive attitude to achieve happiness. And I can’t speak out against being positive, especially in the face of difficult challenges with our health such as HCV. Mental wellness can have a huge impact on our ability to stay positive, but unfortunately we can’t always just smile and everything will be positive in the throes of fear and despair, whatever the cause.

The Road to Wellness

The holistic approach to health and wellness is one route that we can take, as well as the Natural or Naturopathic approach. As I have seen, there is a place for these different ways of both achieving and maintaining wellness and good health. Our individual path is up to us alone. Evidence is something that is often held up as the gold standard and when it comes to some approaches to wellness there is a lack of hard evidence to point to or cite their value in academic papers and studies. This does not stop people from believing in their effectiveness and this is sometimes because they don’t trust traditional western medicine and the various interventions which are well studied and have lot’s of clinical evidence, and real-world evidence when it comes to outcomes. The two do not always conflict, and have their own limitations and benefits.

Whatever you choose to accept or believe is once again up to you, and my only hope is that you approach it with a healthy degree of critical thinking. This does not mean you are critical of it, but that you consider all of the evidence or anecdotal information before committing to something you take on as a truth. Truth is subjective and there can be a case made for absolute truths by some, but when it comes to wellness it is not so black and white to me.

There is no secret code or door to open that will give us wellness, general or specific as it might be. There is no silver bullet, or one drug or combination of drugs therapies that will give us happiness or wellness. Being free of hep C can certainly give us a better chance at wellness and life free of all the complications it can cause.

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