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Two people clasp hands in a show of strength and support. The glow of their clasped hands permeates through their bodies, shining in the shape of a heart on the walls surrounding them.

Not Just Physical: How Hepatitis C Can Affect Wellbeing

The impacts of hepatitis C aren’t just physical- they can be emotional and psychological too. Due to the myths & misconceptions surrounding hepatitis C, many patients experience unfair judgement and stigma for having the condition, as well as stress and depression related to their diagnosis. Without the support and understanding of family and friends, many people feel like hepatitis C has negatively affected the quality of life, or strained their relationships.

As part of Hepatitis Awareness Month, we’re confronting the stigma surrounding hepatitis C, and recognizing the challenges that a hep C diagnosis can bring. By spreading awareness, we hope to offer our support to those battling hepatitis C, and shine light on the non-physical effects of this condition.

Hep C Anxieties: Relationships & Family
When you ask anyone what’s most important, they’ll often put family and friends at the very top. Mutual support is an important part of a relationship: you can support them when they’re in need, and they can in turn be there for you. This becomes a lot more complicated when chronic illness gets in the way. Read more.

Telling Friends and Family That You Have Hepatitis C
Getting the news that you have hepatitis C can be one of the hardest days of your life. Telling someone you love may be even harder. You need to share the news so that you can begin to plan the next move, but you do not want to hurt your loved ones. Read more.

Leaning On Others For Support
When I was going through it, not many support groups were available (online or in person) for those with hep C. I encourage any of you struggling alone right now to reach out to someone to help you gain control over feelings and help you refocus on positive things in life. Read more.

How Did You Contract It?
This has got to be the most uncomfortable question anyone fighting hepatitis C is faced with. I know that even for myself, I get all nervous and that clammy-hand feeling. We all fear not being accepted by our peers, family, and friends. Read more.

Fighting Misconceptions About Hep C
Many of us have experienced hearing wrong information or misuse of information when it comes to hepatitis C. I find it my mission by being an advocate, to continue to guide others to the truth about hep C. Read more.

Impact of Hepatitis C on Quality of Life
For many people diagnosed with hepatitis C, maintaining quality of life is a major concern. Dealing with symptoms from hepatitis C can take an effect on an individual’s well-being, relationships, and work life. Read more.

Myths about Hepatitis C
Let’s clear some of those myths up, shall we? Myth: “There is a vaccine for hepatitis C.” Fact: There is no current vaccination, shot, pill, patch, or any other way to build a shield around yourself to prevent from exposure or infection of hepatitis C. Read more.

Want to share how hepatitis C has affected you? Click here to share your story, click here to learn how you can talk about hep C anonymously, or click here to vote in our polls.