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Well you are certainly in good company. I mean, you probably don’t want to be part of our group. Not that we don’t want you in. I’m saying this all wrong. What I mean to say is if you are reading at this website then you are one of the millions of people who have The Hepatitis C Virus. And yes, you are in good company.

You may be wondering what sort of people have Hep C anyway? Well I’ve been part of the club for most of my adult life I suppose. Although I only found out that I had HCV five years ago, I’ve gotten acquainted with thousands of people who have the virus. I’ve only met a few of them in person. Most have become friends over the Internet through forums, blogs, or websites.

People who have the Hepatitis C Virus are all around you. They work at grocery stores and shoe stores, serve you in restaurants and service your car. Many have served their country, but most have fought the kind of battles that have nothing to do with the military.

There are those who have lived long enough with the silent killer that their liver has failed. No longer able to fulfill their passion through meaningful work, they are deemed disabled. They’re like wallflowers, earnestly waiting another turn around the dance floor. Don’t be fooled by the lethargy. With a keen eye on their future, they may be the most alert in the Hep C Club. I’m in that group. We cherish every minute.

Yes, the virus makes us aware of time. The time lost while wondering what is wrong with us, the time spent in the doctor’s office, the time we have left with loved ones. People with Hepatitis C spend their time doing what the rest of the world does: Waiting on a phone call, text, or mail. Looking to connect with someone, even if it’s a doctor with the latest lab result.

Most are victims of circumstances, but don’t call them a victim. With hearts full of laughter and wit, there’s more than a fair share of jokers in our crowd. What is it about illness that brings out joy? I guess it’s a love for life, and for each other.

In our crowd, there is a lot of love. They love the doctors who give them pills even while moaning about the side effects. They love to spend time with family and friends even when they feel bad. They try to make others smile just to let them know they care.

Some with Hep C have moved to the sidelines of life as medical problems engulfed them. Other’s are still tap dancing their way through their health crisis. They provide a bit of entertainment for those who don’t have the energy to dance.

Those of us with Hepatitis C are only human. I count myself as being privileged to have them as my best friends. Welcome to the club.

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