Still Making Wrong Health Choices

I am here to confess a recent endeavor I took with my so-called health. Although my intentions were not to harm myself, I was simply falling for that lose weight quickfad. I cannot repeat the name of the product, but it is a highly fad diet - vinegar gummies. I did some looking into prior to buying the product. It was told that you could suppress your appetite by eating 3-6 of these vinegar and B6 gummies per day.

Normally, I don't take supplements

I am usually overly cautious on my liver health and DO NOT take many “CURE all” supplements, as I was warned by my liver doctor that my liver being fragile could not handle or process them. After reading about this diet and watching numerous videos on the safety of them, I purchased a bottle (only one, thank goodness) because I felt I should tell quick if they will work for me. WELL, I found out with in 1 week of consuming 6 of the recommended gummies... I noticed my equilibrium was off, I was nauseous, and I began having severe pain in my upper liver area.

My reaction to the weight loss product

It was sharp pain that would take my breath at times. It did not phase me that these gummies were my culprit.  So, for 3 more days I consumed them, and my symptoms got so bad I was curled up on the floor of my bathroom vomiting for what seemed like was hours. I could not eat, and anything I did consume I threw up. Now, was this the quick fix way they recommended for losing weight? It was not my idea of fun. But when my liver began to hurt so bad, I had tears in my eyes and warm heat pad over it I said this was enough. I stopped taking the gummies immediately. I was thinking of my diet and that was the only new thing I had changed to it. I eat sensible and eat healthy, but I wanted a quick cure to lose weight for my coming wedding.

I did some research on vinegar and found that it can be harmful to livers and kidneys, not to mention cause erosion of stomach linings and esophagus.  Being a high-risk health situation, my condition worsened more quickly, I now believe because my liver was on overload. It was sending me warnings to stop this craziness. I have been off the gummies now for 4 days and I feel so much better. I flushed out my body with lots of water and took it easy on heavy foods. Basically, have done a fluid diet to help flush this stuff out of my body.

Lessons learned

Moral of my story, being at a higher risk because of a health situation, you need to first think of your health over a quick fad diet. I could have done much more damage to my liver had I not listened and continued to consume these toxic forms of a "quick weight loss cure". My fiancé sat with me while I was so sick and pleaded that I stop this nonsense; He said he was marrying me for me, not my body. He did not want me to torture myself thinking I was not good enough or had to be a certain size. Boy, did I find a keeper. Together we threw that bottle of gummies in the dumpster and tonight we are out for a walk. I am losing weight, the natural way – exercise.

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