Ways to Create Awareness for Hepatitis C

If you had a chance to create awareness for Hepatitis C, would you? Signing on to join a campaign or doing a march may not be your bag, but there are other ways that you can help spread information.

Ways You Can Create Awareness for Hep C

Log on to one of the forums and make comments. Maybe you are giving your opinion – it matters! Perhaps there is a question that a medical provider has not covered – one of the editorial staff can direct you toward an answer. You may have the answer or comment that will help provide information to someone else.

Sharing your story may seem hard. You read another person’s story and think yours does not sound as good. Go ahead and type it all in there. You never know, there may be someone reading online for the first time. Your encouragement could be just what they needed to hear when they logged on.

Social Media is a great for many things. You can connect with other people who are interested in Hepatitis C, it’s treatment, and cure. Start by giving a sharing or giving a shout out about an article or post that inspired you.

Contribute to the online community by sending emoticons, like, or shares. Maybe you saw an inspiring quote about Hepatitis C. Use a # and find others who think the same way. Find a cool picture and share it with your friends.

Watch videos online about Hepatitis C awareness. You will definitely be more motivated to share when you see how much good is being done in the world for those with HCV. Invite others to watch those videos that you find the most valuable or entertaining.

Search for any national or international health website. There you can find more information about Hep C campaigns. In the United States, you can start at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They have many excellent ideas, tools, and resources for creating awareness.

Be prepared to talk about Hepatitis C. Start out by sharing what you know with you own family and friends. Invite them to read on this website to discover all the information available.

Print off any educational sheets or obtain some from your local health center. Pass them out to anyone who has questions about Hepatitis C. Maybe you know someone who is struggling and could use an encouraging word about getting tested, treated, and Hep C free.

Awareness starts with you. By logging on here, you have already become more aware about HCV. After getting aware, share it! It is easier than you think.

I remember looking at signing onto a website when I was really sick. I read about it and watched some videos and then clicked in the top right screen to X out of the page. I was too tired to think about it. But soon I went back and read more. Before long, I was logging onto forums, like the ones here. By joining a community, I became part of spreading awareness about Hepatitis C.

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