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Waiting for Hepatitis C Treatment

Waiting for Hepatitis C Treatment

There is good news and bad news with the hepatitis C treatment that is now available. I’ll start with the good news: The new medications have very few side effects. The bad news is that those who just got hepatitis C may not get approved for treatment very soon. Unless you have a lot of liver damage, there may be a waiting period. Many insurances companies are not willing to approve of treatment unless you are in the later stages of liver disease. That really is bad news if you are in the early stages of cirrhosis and feel like you are being put on hold. What can you do while waiting on treatment?

Stay Active

This is not the time to give up or lay down. Even if you are not in good shape, this can be a good time to start an exercise program. Start small by walking in your neighborhood. If you can run some errands on foot, leave the car at home. When you do drive, park on the outside of the parking lot and walk in. Even if you move slowly, the benefit is still there. You are building muscles and helping your heart to be stronger.

Eat Good Foods

If you have been thinking about kicking the junk food habit, here is your chance. Knowing that your liver is working hard with the virus swarming around in it is a great motivation. You can begin to eat healthy foods by cooking more at home. Skip the drive through restaurants. The sandwiches that come from your own kitchen are better than the ones that are sold in fast food places anyway.

Shop Carefully

The grocery stores are a huge place these days. Trying to find your way to the health food section can be scary. That last sentence is actually kind of frightening, but true. I suspect that most of us have to look hard to find healthy food in a grocery store. Be on the watch for hidden sugar that is hard for your liver to digest. Make a shopping list and stick to it.

Stay Optimistic

There will be good news and bad news. There will be days when everything is going your way. The next day may find you fighting just to get out of bed. Try to keep on the sunny side of the street. The dark times won’t stay around long when you are always looking up.

Go Inward

There will be a time to look for support, and there will also be a time to look within. It is a good thing to remember that you are your own best friend. Everything that you really need to get going is inside of you. You’ve got what it takes to win this.

If you are waiting on hepatitis C treatment, taking these steps will help you in many ways. Your body will get stronger and healthier. Your mind will also become more focused. Before you know it, it will be your turn to treat.

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