What about Vaccines?

Recently, I have been asked about getting vaccinated with the COVID vaccine, as well as the shingles vaccine. This too has crossed my mind, being an end stage liver patient. I am very cautious as to what I put into my body. I am avid about always seeking out the advice from my liver doctor as to whether I should or should not do something in particular with my liver health.

Asking my doctor for help

With COVID, I was quick to reach out to my doctor, seeking his advice on what would be best for my body, my liver health. He replied quite quickly and advised that for me, right now my body would be more at risk by being vaccinated without knowing the full details of the new vaccine for COVID. Because the clinical trials were expedited, my doctor felt that not enough is known about high-risk patients like myself.

I am NOT a medical doctor, nor do I give advice based as if I was one. I think in times like today, with this pandemic going on, it is best to speak personally with your own specialist regarding your own health. Even if the news and things all around giving news regarding vaccines, as a high risk patient, I felt it was best to talk to my physician first.

My experience with the MMR vaccine

I recently was hired at a local hospital and at orientation, I was told I was never immunized against MMR (with the high tech now, they can see this all with a simple blood test). Back at the beginning of my stage 4 diagnosis, with my health situation, I was advised not to get any flu shots, etc. So, I was very worried and called immediately my liver team about this. After talking with him, he did say that I would be ok to get this vaccine (MMR). He told me to watch closely for any abnormal symptoms I might have after. After, I felt fine. I had no strange things happen and my new employer was happy (as it was a mandatory vaccine). I explained my situation and they were fully aware of my at-risk health issue. It was still a mandatory one, though, and if I could not have gotten that vaccine, I would not been able to begin work here.

The importance of asking questions

Bottom line, I feel it's important to ASK QUESTIONS regarding any flu or vaccines that might need done. Get your doctors approval before moving forward. You can read all about things and stay educated, but in the end, your doctor knows your own personal situation with health. It should always be a priority to seek out the medical advice from your physician.

There is a lot of emotion from all angles on the COVID vaccine. I am not here for or against it, but for me, I base all my thoughts surrounding it on what I learn from my liver doctor. My thoughts on this are strictly just that - My thoughts and opinion.  We all have to learn and go with what we feel is best. No one should be condemned for having difference of thoughts.

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