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Under Pressure

Feeling like you are being pressured is rarely a positive thing, despite how some of us may, in fact, perform better under some level of pressure. But again it depends on definitions about what meaning certain words or phrases have. Generally, we do not do well under pressure, whether we think we do or not. I used to think it made me more productive, but it became apparent to me that this was not real at all for me. In the most basic ways, it affected my ability to focus on tasks and shortened my patience. Irritability and agitation were issues that had their roots in stress.

Hepatitis C and anxiety

For many people I talk to who are living with hep C, anxiety is often an issue. It may be caused by the virus and exacerbated by the stress that so many people with chronic illness like hep C face for any number of reasons.

Stress, or pressure as it can be defined, is a killer over time. It causes physiological change and damage if not mitigated or at least managed. Causes or sources of stress are as varied as we can imagine. For many of us, we cannot just simply walk away easily from the cause or source. Toxic relationships with others is not an uncommon source or creator of stress, but not exclusively. How we deal with toxic relationships is not easy as we know, and we have all known someone who is dealing with the stress and pressures that a toxic environment creates.

Stress and pressure in day-to-day life

Stress over addiction, food security, housing and mental health are sadly not uncommon in our modern world, where we often easily discard our most vulnerable people to homelessness, hopelessness, and despair. No, these are not all people living with stress or hep C, but they are people who need our help and support. Equity again, is at the core of a central solution, in my view.

Pressure we place on ourselves is to me a very complex area and varies so widely in individuals, like everything. I suspect psychologists and people that study behaviour have a set of indicators that can lead to a diagnosis. I am not suggesting that diagnosis is a bad thing if it leads to creating understanding and a better outcome (wellness) and wellbeing, however we define it.

Do you have stress in your life?

Honestly, we all do have some stress. Some of us have a lot, regardless of why and how. If and how you successfully deal with it depends on as many factors as one can imagine. Some will turn to others and seek support or advice, while others will seek out fellowship in their faith. These are all good ideas. If you think that things are getting too difficult for you, don’t ignore it or compartmentalize it away because it does not work. Or at least it didn’t for me and others I have spoken to. It can fester resentments and cause you ill health as discussed earlier, and if you need professional help there is no shame at all in seeking out the care you need.

The idea that all you need to do is to Keep Calm and Carry On is fine for some. But staying calm is just a few words that say you need not do a thing but ignore-wrong!

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