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Beyond Hepatitis C: Celebrating 8 Years of Being Cured

Each Spring represents refreshment, new growth, and renewal. After hepatitis C lived with me for 20 years, I began a new hepatitis C treatment 8 years ago this spring that brought me the cure.

Past to present

I’m here to proclaim that there is life beyond hepatitis C. I experienced the early days of only one treatment available with no cure and a small percentage chance the virus would go into remission to today, new treatment with protease inhibitors and now direct-acting antivirals with a 95%+ cure rates.

Treatment for hepatitis C has come a long way

When my journey began with hepatitis C, it was a dark time for little treatment with no cure. I did two treatments that were not successful, but I did not give up hope. I knew one day I would be cured either here on earth or if God chose, He’d call me home, where I would receive the ultimate cure. I had to persevere a long 20-year journey with hepatitis C until I did my third treatment in April of 2012, which brought me the cure.

Hope helps you move forward

Hope. It’s vitally important. We should never live without it. No matter where you are in your journey with hepatitis C or any other condition, remember, there is always hope. Hope looks through the lens of good things yet to come, while choosing to live with an uplifted spirit through your journey. Hope always looks forward. You can’t move forward while staring in the rearview mirror of your life.

Life on the other side of the cure

When you live with chronic conditions for so long, you get somewhat used to low-energy, associated symptoms, continual tests, and doctor visits. After my recovery from treatment, I continued blood work, ultrasounds, and visits with my hepatologist.

Just like Spring is a time for renewal, my new normal was birthed. My energy increased to levels I hadn’t had for 20 years. My symptoms began to fade. I was given the gift of a new life with a long future ahead of me. That doesn’t mean I don’t have challenges and health concerns, but it means I view each day is a precious gift despite difficulties.

Never give up hope

Hope fuels a proactive outlook that encourages you to enjoy life, no matter what you’re going through. Life beyond hepatitis C begins with your outlook and attitude toward how you’re going to view life. Barbara Johnson, a Christian author once wrote, “Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice.”

I choose to celebrate joy and goodness each day despite pain and challenges. Never give up hope, my friends. There is life beyond hepatitis C.

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