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Your Hep C Story is Important

Sometimes it isn’t all about you, or me or any single person, but about the other person. It's about the collective community.

Having said that, there are times when we need to make ourselves the priority, and chronic illness is one of those times, I believe. Some prefer to suffer in silence, which is a choice we all make with no judgment about the best way because there is no perfect way to deal with the struggle.

Sharing your story helps others

Some prescribe to the “stiff upper lip” approach and if that is your thing, go for it. Choices we have or something we cannot control make no difference.

Some of us choose to share everything and every step in the journey, while others leave certain parts out, which is again up to each of us.
This has been characterized as our story.

This has been made fun of in the phrase “that’s my story, and I am sticking to it." This usually refers to us being accused of something or thought to have done something wrong or even illegal, but generally said in jest as a kind of joke.

Your hep C story is important

Our story is more akin to sharing aspects of our experience or a collection of experiences when dealing with hep C. Your story, by its very nature, is about you.

It may include how the actions of others affected your journey of experiences but make no mistake; even that is your experience to share and therefore, your own story.

To whom and where, along with how much you choose to share, is up to you of course, but there are times when it may be prudent to share less and/or more. Whether verbal in a spoken way or in print does make a difference.

If you share with friends in your circle of such, or you share with the world does have different implications. The "why" is just as important as the "where" and "with whom".

In the context of sharing your story about your hep c experience. Generally, we want to use our voice in helping others, but not always, as we know. It helps us.

A better understanding can lead to self-empowerment and enhanced knowledge to help ourselves and others.

We all want to be listened to. We all have a story to tell, whether to a very few people or thousands of interested readers or listeners, and we own our story, and although there is much, we have shared experience in, there is much that is unique to each one of us.

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