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Liver Disease and Tooth Fairies

Liver Disease and Tooth Fairies

Is there such a thing as an ‘Adult Tooth Fairy’? Having end-stage liver disease now for over eight years, it has become troubling how many dental issues I have begun having.

Dealing with dental issues

I noticed about two years ago my teeth became more sensitive to temperatures and then the cavities and chips began happening. This lead to fillings and more fillings on top of several root canals and caps.

I am not one to be afraid of going to the dentist; however, it is not a trip to Disneyland either. I walk in with one issue and come out with several more needing immediate attention.  It was just yesterday at work that I had a filling from one of my molars fall out. I called and made an appointment to go get it fixed.

Cavities, decay, & tooth loss – Oh my!

Just now right before I was to begin a blog about tooth decay and liver disease. I had a crown fall out. I am at a loss for words here. There is a part of me that wants to laugh and say “ok, I am now 50 years old and all the fun has begun.” But then the other side of me, the one who cares what she looks, like is freaking out.  I know it is nowhere as bad as I may make it sound right at this moment but my mental state and feminine side is having a meltdown. Feeling less than attractive at the moment.

I am thinking all my teeth are now going to start falling out and I will be left with a puckered lip look. I say this jokingly as my grandma would always have that smile that to this day makes me giggle thinking of her without her dentures in.

It is a struggle with your mindset when things in your body begin to wear down or fail. Especially if there is no control over it. And with dental decay and liver disease, there is only so much one can do to prevent the dismay. Being proactive is your best bet.

Being proactive is key

Routine visits to maintain dental health and cleaning are important. Eating right is another.  With liver disease, it is a fall back that we crave sweets…and we all know what sweet tooth can cause- cavities

If you have not kept a good regimen with your dentist it might be something you want to begin doing. They also have suggestions if your teeth become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

Don’t let liver disease keep you from smiling.


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