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Tips on Battling Fatigue with Hepatitis C

Tips on Battling Fatigue with Hepatitis C

When the Hepatitis C Virus is attacking your liver, your body feels tired. The best thing to do when fatigue strikes is to listen to your body. Take some action steps to gain your strength back so you can enjoy life.

Taking steps to fight fatigue

For many, fighting fatigue can begin the moment you wake up, making it hard to get out of bed. Try starting with a few changes in your routine. Instead of reaching for caffeine to be the jolt you need, reach for a glass of water first. Let it cleanse your stomach with a cool wake up.

Once you’re up and ready, a cup of coffee has been proven to fight liver cancer, so drink it with a healthy breakfast. Sugar filled cereals or baked goods will not only reduce your energy, they can make you feel worse as the day goes on. Try whole grains and fruit,

Think about ways to play. Get out for a change of scenery by taking your lunch to a park. Find a place in nature where you can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle. If there is a lake or pond nearby, get out your fishing pole. When you have engaged in play, you are more likely to laugh and feel energetic.

Diet & exercise tips

Throughout the day, drink plenty of water. This is refreshing for your body and keeps it functioning well. Being dehydrated can make you tired and also give you a tired appearance.

Go for a walk! When you get dressed and put on good walking shoes, you have already begun to defeat your fatigue. Even a 15 minute stroll can increase your mental and physical energy. You may work up to a brisk walk and eventually be able to do some fun running!

Tweaking your diet is an easy way to gain more energy and strength. By eating nutritious snacks throughout the day, you are sure to have better blood sugar levels. When you feel sluggish, look for a piece of fruit or a granola snack.

Ask your doctor about vitamins that are safe for your liver. A multi-vitamin can boost a sagging immune system. Look for a brand that has some B vitamins for energy support. While you are on treatment, there are certain vitamins that your doctor may or many not want you to take.

Stress can zap energy

Reducing stress may be the greatest way to get rid of fatigue. When you don’t feel good, it is easy to let your mind wander to worrisome thoughts. You have a lot to think about with liver disease and treatment for Hep C. Try to write down the things that concern you the most and talk to your doctor about them.

Get a good night’s sleep. When you first start to yawn is a good time to tuck in. Your body is telling you to rest. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and sugar after dinner. If you can’t sleep due to reverse sleep pattern, at least try and lay still. Think calming thoughts.

All of these small changes can add up to a less fatigued body. Your mind will be more at peace too. You always have the power to battle fatigue!

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  • Goinfaraway
    1 year ago

    I was curious about how long the fatigue will last. Or does it go on thru the whole treatment? Any information would be great!

  • Lauren Tucker moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Goinfaway- Here is an article that may be helpful- While you may get some more information and support from the community- I hope this is helpful in answering your question! Thanks for being part of the community. Best, Lauren ( Team)

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