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The Struggle for Relevance

In a world where we are bombarded with information it can be a struggle to get a message out. As many illnesses and issues crowd the landscape it is hard to not only get attention to any one issue, it is hard to maintain a place in a world filled with tiny blips of things coming at us from all sides.

We all want to know, but do we want to know details?

And how do we keep up?

This is true in the world of hep c as it is in all other things now.

As someone who is bent on sharing and receiving information it is a constant battle for me to keep up. There are in fact only so many hours in each day.

How I try to deal with it is by deciding what is relevant to my needs and if it is information that can help me to understand better any new developments and inform others.

Some is excellent and relevant while much else is not, and I may miss some of the best available information from time to time, but this is just the nature of the complex network of information there is available.

The most important things to me are the issues, and real world struggles that people in community share with me. It is this information, which drives me in my work, especially as an advocate.

How could I possibly know what people need and what our community sees as the most important issues without listening? Impossible I say. Sure I read scientific information and social justice interpretations but the community is what matters most. It is after all, all about us ultimately.

Staying relevant in a competitive world is a challenge. People are competing for our attention left, right, and center. They may be selling something like a product, an idea/concept, and in some cases trying to sell us on a philosophy we should follow.


There are competing agenda’s even in the non-profit world, and as people we can’t possibly agree on everything, can we. Critical thinking is key, and this is down to each and every one of us to decide what is relevant or correct.

Don’t depend on me to tell you, even though I may offer up an opinion now and again.

For me at least, I have to believe in something before I can get behind it. These are my own guiding principles. Some would argue that this is old school, but who cares about new school vs. old school nonsense-really!

Staying relevant with a potent message in such a fast-changing world is no easy task, and there are people who make it their career to manage these things, as consultants.

I have little contact with these people, but do listen to them from time to time and decide if their counsel is worthwhile.

Mostly I use my own judgements with the best possible advice and feedback from community that is you. You are what matters most and you are relevant and never let anyone suggest otherwise.

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