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The Need for Normal.

The Need for Normal

What is normal anyway?

I have to be honest in that it has always been a word that makes me a little uneasy.
It is probably because of my generation’s views on normal as a term used to describe or define the status quo, which we rebelled against. Normal equated to “middle of the road” and our music and the things that many of us were drawn to were at least perceived by us to be outside the norm. Our parents thought so too.

For those of you from my generation you will probably know what I mean when I use terms we don’t hear much any more, but we still hear normal and I wanted to dive into what it means in the hepatitis C context. I embrace the idea of normal now, and it has a very different meaning to me.

As some of you have also experienced diminished health because of HCV, the need for normal is more about feeling well again, and that is what I mean when I use the word here.

To some people feeling normal again is being able to enjoy the things they once did without even thinking about the idea that one day they would be either too difficult or simply impossible to do. Whether they involve physical strength or mental acuity, which is now less than optimal. You may find that your ability to have regular employment is difficult or impossible because of your experience with HCV.

In whatever way your normal life has been challenged by HCV, getting our lives back is a common theme I have heard and know personally. Our self-confidence and self-worth can be affected by these challenges. These things take a toll, and there are some who will be able to deal with them easier than others, but the rest of us will seek out ways to create a new normal. Some of us will struggle more from day to day, but that doesn’t mean that we are any less deserving of a normal life.

When I use the words “new normal “ I don’t mean that we simply give up and accept things as they are. Wanting or needing to believe that the future can or will be better is a basic human trait I believe.

Are these struggles normal? Yes I think so. They appear to be part of living, regardless of our health, but they are accentuated with health challenges like HCV.

The “new” normal can mean different things to different people and I am not supporting some movement or shift in collective consciousness.

Accepting our limitations can be part of the picture, but striving for better is certainly worthwhile as well, but it depends on who we are. As I have said before there is no “one size fits all” answer, and I sure don’t presume to have “the” answer, whatever that is.
I do believe in not giving up, and hope for tomorrow.

It is not easy at times, and I do know this from personal experience, but if we give up on the struggle we may be giving up on ourselves. I hope you and I never do that, despite the difficulties and our individual challenges.

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