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The Let Down After Treatment

I’m sure you will all agree, that treating for the hepatitis C virus causes a huge uproar in your life. It’s a lot of work, time, effort, and money. You are constantly being monitored and having this or that checked. Then finally the day comes! You proudly take that last pill. You’ve done it! A celebration is certainly in order. Then the next day, it’s back to life as usual. It’s kind of like Christmas, you know – the day after. If you’re feeling let down, it can be for many different reasons. Let’s take a look at what that feels like and how to get past the let down after treatment.

First off, think of how much time and energy went into keeping yourself alive and on treatment. If you’re like me, the entire day was managed around your medication. You probably had timers set on your phones or maybe family members gave you little reminders. You may have developed rituals like taking your meds and then taking a nap, or a shower, or watching television. You can make new rituals that include healthy habits.

You food choices may be different. I ate certain foods with my pills. I needed things that made my tummy feel better. Foods that comforted me. Honestly, on most days, it was anything that sounded good. Some of those foods I have never eaten since. It’s almost like eating certain things when you’re pregnant. Even the smell can make you sick. Try some new recipes.

You don’t get as much attention. You may feel the let down because friends and family members were a bit more caring when you were on treatment. Even if they got sick of the whole medication mess, they were still supporting you. Now that you’re cured of HCV, they heave a sigh of relief and move on. Maybe they spend time on other interests. Maybe they take back over the remote control. It’s hard not feeling like others are as focused on you anymore. Take time to focus on yourself.

Your energy didn’t come back immediately. There are some things that take time. Finishing treatment is like crossing the finish line! But even top runners need to rest and relax. They have trainers to help them to stretch and cool down. They won’t run again for a while in order to let their body rest. Now is your time to get stronger slowly.

You think of all the money spent to get your through. Your car may be on it’s last leg, but you paid for treatment. The plumbing mess that you’ve had on hold is still there. Maybe you will be able to let go of some money to do some fun things.

If you still have cirrhosis, that can be a slap in the face. You’ve crossed all these hurdles, but still have varices. Maybe your ascites still causes swellings. Some of your medications won’t be going away anytime soon. Accept that this is how it is. Rejoice in the fact that the virus is not causing any further damage. Many have healthier livers after treatment ends.

If you’re feeling the let down after treatment, take hope. Your life will return to a new normal. You will get stronger every day. Your loved ones will adjust too. Give yourself some attention. Try a new recipe and eat good food. Go for walks outside. Stay with the napping as long as you need to. Set aside some money for new sweat pants. Go to a thrift shop and change up your wardrobe. You’ve been through a lot. Feel the letdown and then set your face toward the future.

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  • lshorty
    2 years ago

    I have been off harvoni since april 23,2017. I am tired 80% of the time. How long till I get some energy? This is very depressing.

  • Karen Hoyt moderator author
    2 years ago

    I agree with gabbliegal. First of all, congratulations to all of us for finishing the treatment and clearing the virus!
    Each person is different. A lot can depend on other factors like whether you have liver disease or not. I think trying is a good word. If we “try” to do a little walking, then “try” yoga or cycling… eventually we start to feel stronger.
    Also, I’m a big believer in naps.
    xo Karen

  • gabbiegal
    2 years ago

    and you’re Free & Clear of Hep C now? I’ve heard others say it could take up to a year to get rid of the fatigue. Fortunately for me I actually felt back to normal before finishing all my pills (which I still took them all) Maybe “try” walking a bit first. Push yourself a little bit more each day. Do you ride bicycle? That might help. Good luck!!

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