The Importance of Social Support

The Importance of Social Support

Support Is Important

We all need emotional support and encouragement at some point in our lives. Moments when we are diagnosed with a chronic illness or recovering from a traumatic or unexpected life event are such times. Even though we may often feel shame, fear, or anger in difficult times we can’t let ourselves become more isolated. If we do then we run the risk of making ourselves even more sick or upset.

The good news is that even though it can be difficult to walk into a support group or even a small informal meeting of people there are many other options to connect. The forums on this website are a great example of a place where you can connect with others in a judgement-free zone. They present great opportunities to ask those questions you may feel “silly” about asking somewhere else but here are accepted with open and earnest interest by people who have experienced in many ways what you are going through.

Ways to Connect

Beyond the digital walls of this website are many other places to connect. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, Wordpress and many others all provide a way to connect and share with others. The thing that matters most is that you know you aren’t alone by connecting with others and reading their experiences. It doesn’t matter how quickly it takes you or to what degree you commit to it, just that you take small steps in some way towards it.

Maybe you don’t call up a hotline or go to a support group. Heck, maybe you don’t even join a forum and post. Maybe you just read blog posts, or read forum posts for weeks or months. Just observe and be exposed to the experiences of others so that you can come to realize as naturally as you breathe that in the times we feel most alone we, in fact, aren’t.

With all the uncertainty and stress that we experience in our day to day lives, especially now, this connection in even the smallest ways is quite possibly what will have the most profound effect on our personal and collective futures. So take a chance at reaching out in some way, because in the digital sea of the internet there are plenty of messages in bottles to read and people waiting to read yours.

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