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The Fine Line 7: Friends, Pain, and Tissues

The Fine Line is a series of stories from Rick. Check out part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, & part 6!

Fighting Through the Pain

Pain medications, like pain, are temporary solutions. I found myself watching the amounts I took as best I could to limit my reliance on pain medications to ensure a faster recovery. You may find it impossible to go without, sometimes that happens. Find the best balance of the minimal pain meds you need.

My friendly relationship with the nursing staff greatly improved my mood, and helped everyone feel better about what otherwise was a rather dreary situation. I follow the notion “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” a misquote of Gandhi, but its brevity is great for the internets.

The first crew or two of nursing staff that works with me always gets the rough introduction. I tend to be in more pain, or I am still trying to understand exactly what’s causing the major issues. This early November first crew of nurses would meet me in one of the lowest moments in my life. The sepsis had yet to have been solved, and by all accounts, if they couldn’t narrow down the antibiotic soon, my life would continue to be victim to their machine gun antibiotic approach. The alternative was death, so I was grateful for each “bullet” that would pass through me.

Visits from Family and Friends Really Help

I was lucky in that I had friends and family close each day. I hadn’t gone more than a day without seeing a friend or family member.

I felt less than human, and my diet was equally as dismal. Even the warm sunshine that would greet me each day was overwhelming and my photo-sensitivity was out of control. Until my friend relieved my eyes with a pair of safety green sunglasses (one of my signature colors) I would find room to be nearly as dark as my outlook on things was becoming. I was not allowed much in terms of food, and I was restricted to a minuscule amount of liquid. They were trying to save my life, not make me happy. I could only sleep with pain medication in my system, and even then, between the frequency of my needing the bathroom or nursing staff needing blood samples and/or giving me medication, I would sneak in naps when I could. The strange thing was that, somehow, I always ended each day having received a few boxes of tissues. by the end of the stay, I had used maybe two of the sixteen given to me.

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