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Sun and moon, opposite one another.

The Extremes

In a world of extremes, like we see in sports and politics, it’s not so strange to look at the extremes of hep C. However, the term “extreme” is really defined by our own version of things.

When speaking to the extremes of hep C or treatment, it often comes down to either symptoms or side effects, but I suppose there are other ways to look at it. Another extreme is the extreme disparities in access to care.

Extremes: good and bad

There are most certainly extreme situations when it comes to how badly affected we are by chronic hep C. Years ago, many of us were told that we were likely to never have a problem (or something along those lines). Unfortunately, this ill-informed advice has led to some of us being in an extreme health battle, even years later.

On the flip side: the extreme way that people can be affected in positive ways, and there are many. One of those ways, in recent years, is how many people who are treat will be cured. Wow, that is truly amazing. Some might say “extremely awesome”. Of course, the other great big positive thing, for a lot of us, is the community aspect of the hep C experience. Not so extreme, really, because community is always a good thing, isn’t it?!

The extremely cool liver

Whether we view these things in terms of being extreme or not, I think we get the idea. There often are, or can be, monumental challenges and even very hard setbacks when dealing with any chronic disease. Hep C is not alone in this, but many chronic diseases are not curable, and so many are destructive and just left alone to do its damage.

The extremely cool thing is that the liver is one amazing organ– it has tremendous abilities to repair and regrow itself! Few other organs (such as the skin) have that crazy ability. Certainly, our heart or lungs won’t regrow, as I understand it. Healing occurs throughout our body when not being attacked by virus or other infection, but in my opinion, no organ is quite as remarkable as the liver.

It comes down to perspective

As sure as day follows night, there are extremes, both good and bad. The fact is, most things we face are not so extreme, and maybe it just comes down to perspective. Context and personal experience play a role in how we frame things, good and bad alike. My hope is that you have an extremely easy time with anything related to your hep C experience! May you never suffer the pain and misery that can come with disease, no matter what the cause is. May you never know the worst that hep C has to give, knowing it’s not just our liver that is impacted. I hope that you can get well again, and for many of you, that will feel extreme!

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