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The Crux

By no means is this meant to be the final word on hep C, or anything else as the title might imply. Hep C is chock full of complex issues. Pull out one piece, and we can talk for hours about how to identify, measure, and parse out the endless possible problems and solutions. Perspective and experience come into play, and of course, the level of jargon and acronyms can cloud even the most succinct ideas with a fog or words.

The value of plain language

In my opinion, plain language is best even when discussing complex issues. Don’t get me wrong, terms and jargon have a place, and the more complex the issue, the more they appear. One term or word can describe a whole set of things- as long as we all speak the same language, and I don’t mean English or Greek. That reminds me of a funny old saying “It’s all Greek to me” which kind of sums it up. Another one suggests that “It isn’t rocket science”. There are lots of these old sayings, and probably some new ones that I am unaware of, but you get the idea.

“Big language”

The focus can shift with just a few well-placed words when we talk about a chronic disease like hep C (or any other disease, for that matter). To be honest, I struggle at times when I am searching for new ideas to write about here, and not only here. In fact, I am being a little pedantic now as I talk about talking and writing words. Words can be used in so many ways, and lately, we have witnessed some language that illustrates just how powerful words can be. When we talk about what is the most important issue facing people with hep C, it is done with what I would call “big language”. Not necessarily big words like the medical terms or science of hep c, but generalities. The fact is that most of us are not seeking a medical degree, or need to know the science behind our health conditions any more than we need to know how they build cars, as long as they work as they are intended.

Is there a final word on hep C?

The main things we need to know can be addressed fairly easily with the right information. That does not mean that all of the issues we face with a hep C diagnosis can be covered in a few short words or even in twenty essays. Yes, it is complex. How much you need to know is entirely up to you and your needs, and desire to learn.

The crux can be defined in different ways, like everything else. What is the decisive and final word on hep C? I don’t know about you, but in my view there is none. Even in an era where we can cure hep C, it does not end with that for all of us. Being informed is always a good thing, and now there exists an endless amount of information available, your choice as always.

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